Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alice Test Shaders

Alice texturing done. Just needed some touch up ;) Well here's some render test out.

Here's some close ups:

Original render:
With Occlusion:Color Edit for fun:Ok... Maybe a bit too vibrant and striking for the colors... XD And here it is some random poses~

Kyaaa~ iya~~~~
I am your mama~! XD this model is not the latest one hence the pants abit mess up O.o

YATTAAA~! Almost there but not quite for the shaders! ganbatte na!! XD


  1. eh, watch the taifu there... a bit the vertex paintweight problem

    other than that its nice~ jiayou!!

  2. yea yea... that taifu one... is the old model, fix it jor... XDXDXD thanks for telling though hehehe

  3. Hi Teh-O! Can't wait to see the final thing. Just a little bit of comments here, instead of blue I would rather make Alice's tops red - a complementary to the environment which is green and her eyes should be turquoise/teal instead of cobalt blue you hv it there. But it's looking good overall, nice creatures too! =)