Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Schedule

This will be the new workflow schedule so people bear in mind XD
We will be having a one week break from April 27th till May 3rd 2009

List of things undone
1. Animation Touch Up
2. Digital Layouts - Environment Lighting
3. Lighting - Character
4. Final Playblast (May 20th)
5. Rendering + Special Effects (May 25th ~ June 13th)
6. Composition (June 27th)
7. Full Final (June 30th)

Animation Breakdown Workflow
April 22nd - 1st playblast gathering
May 3rd - Finalise Refinement Check Up
May 4th - Work Distrubition - Playblast
May 11th - Refined Playblast
May 18th - Final Playblast ... ample time for last minute refinement before May 20th

I hope you all will come back with freshly charged batteries for animation on May 4th... meanwhile teh o will be checking on the animation progress and i will try to complete the environments as soon as possible...

As for the deadline... i really hope we can make it for June 30th's deadline... i don't want to drag this project too long as we will be moving forward soon... July 11th is our convocation... so let's not drag it any further... so lets ganbateh! Work Hard Cottage Pictures!!! \(^o^)/


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